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  • Are you a B2C company interested in increasing sales? If you have some form of customer data, you may be in luck.

    • Customer Interaction Data
    • Customer Transaction Data
    • CRM Data

    If you have any of these types of data available, you may be sitting on a huge opportunity. Let's take a quick look at how you can use these data sources to increase sales:

  • What would it be like to have a doctor who’s always up on the latest research and has learned about treatments from over 1.5 million previous cases? It would look alot like Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy! playing supercomputer that’s getting ready to roll out with an all new look and a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center education in oncology.

  • What has been both feared and expected is finally on its way: Facebook is building a better search; they're opening their vast stores of user data and giving us the ability to discover what’s inside. Lars Rasmussen, the mind that brought us Google Maps, is now hard at work creating Facebook’s new Graph Search, and from the looks of it, it’s going to put unprecedented power in the hands of its users.

  • The mission statement of most police departments includes something like this, “our goal is to increase public safety, prevent crime, and protect human life.” With sufficient records of criminal behavior and analytics tools like Crimespotting, Cities can have the ability to predict when and where crimes are likely to take place and dispatch accordingly.

  • Prior to President Obama’s lopsided victory over Mitt Romney, the data science team behind Obama’s campaign was already making waves in the data industry. Now They’re the toast of the town and in the middle of a fight for power.

  • Whether you’re wearing Armani or coveralls, data science is coaxing its way into your industry if it’s not dominating it already. Big Data and Analytics are the way of the future, and new startups keep popping up to pull along lagging industries.

  • Have you noticed the service getting better at your favorite restaurant? how about the menu? If so, it might not be a coincidence. Restaurants across the country are dialing into the new data driven business model, and analytics is becoming as integral to daily operations as salt.

  • Have you ever crammed for a test? Several tests? How about for all human knowledge? That's what Roger Craig did when he broke the single game record for Jeopardy!. But he had some help on the way, help from our good friends knowledge tracking and data science.

  • Whenever you make a purchase, you’re paying with more than just money; you’re paying with data. For statisticians like Target’s Andrew Pole, sometimes that data is worth more than gold. They know how to use your data to answer valuable questions.

  • Imagine a world where our emotions are analyzed and responded to constantly. Recent developments from Affectiva are placing us one step closer to such a world. Their products, the Q Sensor and Affdex, measure our physical responses through a wrist worn biosensor or facial recognition software.