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  • ImageAccording to sources and a job post on which has since been deleted, Microsoft is now working on a voice and touch-enabled business intelligence tool called InfoNavigator. The job description describes InfoNavigator as:

  • Estimize's system allows experts to emerge based solely on performance, and at the same time analysis the mass of predictions to show that average prediction. Add to this the gamification indicated by leaderboards and prizes, and you have a company that’s hitting all the buzzwords

  • Confusion and misunderstanding are prolific in the Data Industry and R "Ray" Wang sees it. In his blogpost for software insider, he outlines a path organizations can follow to data success.

  • The Data economy is heating up, and companies are getting snarky. Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and other major players have realized the value of user data and are starting to crack down on imbalanced data exchange practices. On Charlie Rose, Google’s CEO Larry Page provided a unique glimpse into this backroom data fight.

  • Josh James founder and CEO of Domo knows the value of social networks, he sees its power to persuade and isn’t going to ignore his resources. Yesterday his company launched Domosocial experiment, “A transparent, live case study of a company going social.”

  • “The JOBS Act will encourage economic growth without any additional government spending or new taxes by removing regulatory blocks, thus making funding more accessible for entrepreneurs and innovators.”

  • Are you ready for the indoor equivalent of GPS? Broadcom released a new chip that will likely find its way into our smartphones within the next year. It will allow GPS-type location data to be streamed in real-time from your cell phone. Google has been developing indoor mapping technology for years, and Nokia is developing a mapping system which uses full 3D maps.

  • Facebook enabled users to access some of their data archive, and at the time users would find copies of their photos, posts, messages, list of friends, and chat conversations among other bits of data. Since then Facebook has expanded the amount of data it makes available to its users. But is it enough?

  • World Happiness Report pushes US to further investment in happiness statistic.

  • Big Data is getting bigger fast, IBM is working with Astron to build a telescope that will daily produce twice as much data as the entire internet.